How To Straighten A Curved Penis?

Well informed men use penis stretchers to straighten their penis. This is why penis stretchers are also recommended by doctors : they can cure the Peyronie's disease.

The penis curvature or Peyronie’s disease is one of the problems filling aged men with stress and anxiety, leading to a sharp decrease of their well being and confidence. This visible curvature makes men afraid of showing their penis in front of their partners, and most men fear to be seen as freaks or someone to be laughed about. Penile curvature is just a sickness, a strange physical characteristic. Men suffering from a penis curve should not be blamed, they are absolutely not responsible for this sickness.

Strangely, some men enjoy their new, but very special look. And some men are proud of this, because their curved penis is a symbol of rebellion, of personality refusing to bow to anybody or anything. Moreover, some women can also enjoy this strange curved penis form, because the curvature of the penis help to reach certain untouched areas in the female genitalia and rub them. As you can see, Peyronie’s disease can be seen as an asset in certain cases.

We would like to explain what are the causes of the penile curvature. In fact, there are two causes : first, the natural growth of the penis where the two adjacent chambers of the penis grow at different rates during the years. This bends the penis toward the slowest developing chamber (corpus cavernosum). It’s impossible to predict the evolution of the chambers of the penis, and it is impossible to forecast how they will develop. There are solutions to this problem, however most men suffering from penis curvature will never seek the cure that’s within reach of the hand and prefer taking their chances and rely on the hope women will be kind with them.

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The second cause is called the Peyronie’s disease. This disease has been described by a surgeon of the king Louis XIV in 1743. We do not understand the causes of this disease, but the mechanism that takes place is clear enough : for unknown causes, some scar tissues develop around the tunica albuginea, the connective tissue containing the two corpus cavernosum. This scar tissue prevents the natural expansion during the erection and year after year tend to bend the penis in a direction or another.

To recover a straightened penis, men should try penis exercises, a safe and natural way to recover a correctly bent penis. Penile massages programs, such the top awarded PenisHealth offer exercises that will help men break the scar tissues and reverse the curvature. A very well known exercise is the jelq, that has been successfully used for years in order to prevent and solve the Peyronies. An other, very effective way of dealing with penile curvatures is to use stretching devices. Thanks to a constant traction, the stretcher aim at straightening the penis.

The best way is to combine the two methods to quickly address this issue. But the miracle is not for tomorrow. Indeed, scar tissue takes a long time to appear and develop and it will take time to make it disappear. All you need is patience and persistence and we are sure the curvature will slowly but surely disappear.

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