Penis Stretchers: The Truth

This is a penis traction device. And this is the kind of tool that can really help you develop a larger, fuller penis. Could you believe this ?

Fact is that thousands of penis stretchers are sold every month on the internet and guess what : nobody knows that.

Two years ago, the main manufacturer of penis stretchers told journalists that more than 50,000 traction devices were sold all over the world. And nobody complains. We think that this success is already a proof that penis stretchers are efficient and deliver on their promises.

Truth #1 : The Medical Device.

A penis stretcher or penis traction device is a medical device based on the principle of traction. Moreover, the best stretchers bear the CE sign and are classified as Type 1 Medical Devices and hold the European Health Certification.

Stretchers are usually made as you can see on the picture of two mobile metallic rods connected to a plastic ring, a plastic support and a silicone band destined to keep the head of the penis in place.

50,000 stretchers are sold every year.

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You can wear it almost anytime and everywhere, and it is easy to wear and take off.

Note that the best stretchers come with the spare parts in the box.

Truth #2 : The Scientific Principle.

So, this device is simply used to enlarge the penis. What does happen when the penis undergoes the traction force of the device ?

Cells, when under a constant traction force, begin do divide and multiply. This is a normal and natural reaction of the body. The same phenomenon is already used to grow other parts of the body, like bones in orthopaedic surgery. In other civilizations, traction is used to enlarge the neck (giraffe women in Birmany, lips or ears in some African tribues).

Truth #3 : Guarantee and Effectiveness.

These products are guaranteed. The best always come with a 6 month guarantee. And for the top products, this is a full money back guarantee.

Of course, there is a scientific guarantee because many doctors and prestigious urologist have conducted many studies showing the complete effectiveness of that kind of products. In average, the effectiveness of a penis stretcher is > 90%. For some stretchers, you can count on a 97,5% chances of success.

What can you expect ?

* Permanent penis enlargement (when erect and when flaccid). The enlargement depends on your starting size and the duration of the treatment.
* Permanent thickening of the penis.
* Correction of the penile curvature in case of peyronie's disease.

The device is worn ini flaccid state during the day for a period of 4 to 9 hours. This leads to a permanent enlargement of at least 0.5 cm/month. The device should be worn during a couple of months, depending of the results you need.

What kind of stretcher do you recommend ? Are they all the same ?

There are no two similar stretchers, especially when we consider the results you can achieve or the overall quality of the product. Moreover, when you purchase such a product you should really look for a capable customer support also.

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