Penis Stretcher And Safety

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Genetics decide a lot of characteristics of the human body, the eye color, hair color, facial features but also the size of the penis.

Some men have been given the gift, other haven’t. These poor guys are always those who are laughed at everywhere, insulted, mocked and considered as the small-dicked guys. Even it was not their fault, many of these men sink into depression and anxiety. All in all, these men quickly lose their self esteem and confidence.

Penis is considered everywhere around the world as the basis of masculinity, this means that a bigger penis means you are more a man than other guys around you.

Penis is usually measured by the length and the girth. And both have their importance ! Some women prefer girth over length because a big penis, with a large girth strongly stimulates the walls of the vagina. And other women prefer a long penis because they like to be deeply penetrated.

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