Penis Lengthening Surgery Dangers

Penis surgery dangers : read how it could waste your sex life.

More and more men would like to enhance the shape and size of their organ, and this is why numerous men turn to surgery, hoping that getting under the scalpel will help them to increase the size of their penis.

Penile surgery has many names : going from phalloplasty or augmentation penile surgery to cosmetic penis enhancement. However, despite all the progress made in this field, phalloplasty remains dangerous because of the unpredictable and hazardous side effects men could suffer from.

The surgical process combines two steps : one step to increase the size and a second step to increase the girth. Now, pay attention because you’ll see how it is possible (but hazardous) to increase the size and girth of a penis !

The lengthening of a penis can be obtained by cutting ligaments necessary to support the penis during the erections. Once these ligaments are cut, a larger part of the penis comes forwards. This makes the penis look larger, but in fact, this is not the case as it is a pure artificial process.

To make the penis bigger and increase the girth there are 3 methods : the Alloderm Graft, the Fat Transfer and the Dermal Augmentation. All these procedures involve the insertion of fat tissues coming from other parts of the body inside the penis.

Sadly, all these methods bring a lot of undesired and curious side effects. Besides all the normal complications that come with surgery (bleeding, bruising, infections), the reabsorption of the fat cells can lead to penis shrinking and deformities, erectile problems, asymmetry of the penis…Post operative troubles can also surge, forcing men to undergo new surgery to restore their former penis !

Moreover, depending on the type of penis surgery, costs vary from $3000 to as much as $10,000.

There are alternatives to penis surgery.

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