Penis Enlargement Medical Endorsement

Would you purchase a product that is not medically endorsed or scientifically tested ?

Stretchers are products that are usually medically tested, endorsed and approved. One of the best penis traction device is the SizeGenetics stretcher.

Developed by famous urologists, the first penis stretcher also called the SizeGenetics stretcher has helped to treat thousands men suffering from micropenis or lower than average penis. Thoroughly tested, the SizeGenetics is more than a stretcher, it is a medical device, classified as a Type 1 Medical Device.

Many men have enlarged their penis, no matter the specific reason was. The SizeGenetics stretcher has helped many to greatly improve their lifestyle in many ways. More than 10 years after the first SizeGenetics, penis enlargement is now a mainstream product in USA, UK and Australia.

Europe and other countries try to find their way in the penis enlargement industry and slowly, we can a see a new trend : penis enlargement becomes more and more popular.

Only trust a medically endorsed product.

The success of the SizeGenetics can be explained by 3 factors :

* The SizeGenetics penis stretcher is designed by professionals in a medical company.
* The SizeGenetics penis stretcher is a guaranteed solution.
* The SizeGenetics penis stretcher offers a quality support service to the patient during the the treatment.

Respected urologists have conducted scientific studies in order to assess other penile dysfunctions such as penis curvature. In all these cases, the penis stretcher has proven useful to cure all these problems and troubles.

Here is a list of doctors that currently endorse the SizeGenetics system :

Dr Jorn Ege Siana
Dr Finn Worm Knudsen
Dr Michael A. Carter
Dr J. Ruiz Romero
Dr J. Ponce de Leon
Following researchers carried out trials on SizeGenetics:

Dr M. Rossello
Dr M. Repassa
Dr J. Beut
Dr A. Mus Malleu
Dr Ch. E. Orton
Dr J.M Gil-Vernent
Dr Bayard Olle Fischer Santos
Dr U. T. Hinderer
Dr J. Sunol
Dr E. Austoni

Tests were conducted during a time span of 6 months. Results showed a penis increase of 30% (average).

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