Penis Enlargement Expected Results

Wear a stretcher during a couple of months, and we promise you incredible gains.

sizegeneticsTrust the SizeGenetics penis device if you really want to experience the best in the penis enlargement market today. More than a stretcher, the SizeGenetics program comes with the famous, multi awarded manual enlargement program PenisHealth, the most advanced database of penis exercises and massages. Combine these two approaches to make sure you maximize your results !

SizeGenetics is a very well studied concept. During development and post development stages, a complete team of medical experts studied the effects og the stretcher on the human penis, within a team made of dozens of individuals kept under observation for 24 weeks.

Did you know that the maximal gains will be made during the first 3-4 months where you ‘ll gain 18-20% in length ? Indeed, when it comes to penis enlargement, time is your ally. The longer you wear the stretcher, the better it is. Doctors who studied the program found that during the first 8 weeks, the penis increases by 13% and during the 6 next weeks, gains are of 6%. All in all, almost 20% gains in 4 months. This means at the very least, a sure and permanent gain of 1-1,5”. Some will experience less, some will experience more.

But wait ! after 5 months, gains average a solid 24%, and it gets better ! Look : after 6 months, doctors noticed that length increased approximately 29%. Could you imagine yourself with a penis +/- 30% larger ? Do you imagine this ? We mean something like 2” at least for an average guy. So, if you start at 6” erect, you could reach 8” before 6 months !!

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