Find Out If Penile Curvature Surgery Is Necessary

Penile curvature : a definition and a solution.

Types of penile curvature

A little curvature of the penis is normal. And, there are some men who can claim true straightness. So when does this curvature become a problem?

About 400 cases in 100,000 men, the curve in the penis presents real problems for successful intercourse. The problem can result in pain for one of the partners or both of them. It may not even be possible to penetrate in some cases. A penis with extreme curves can resemble the letter 'j' and even more extreme is when it makes a u-turn back on itself which will make sex impossible. Other times the penis can curve in multiple places like a screw.

How penile curvature exists

The answers are not conclusive. The suspected culprit is stiffening of parts of the penis caused by either plaque build-up or scar tissue that has accumulated in the penis. It is thought that some trauma, damage to the tissues in the penis, not healing successfully may cause permanent lack of elasticity in part of the penis. The more engorged the penis becomes, the more normal tissue expands, and the less elastic tissue does not. It is this push-pull effect causes the penis to bend.

Scar tissue is inelastic and that causes the condition. Sometimes, this can even shorten the penis because it shuts off flow of blood in what is known as a bottleneck. Inflammation can cause the damage that leads to this condition. The injury can occur in several ways, even by way of erectile dysfunction treatments especially with those treatments involving injections of treatment drugs. The most common injected drug is Caverject, which can be effective in erectile dysfunction cases, but there is the possibility of damage during injection.

The medical term for this disease is Peyronie's which happens to many men. Peyronie's describes the fibrous scar tissue that builds up along the erectile fibers in the penis, in what doctors call the cavernosa, leading to what is known as fibrous cavernositis. There are other conditions that could be contributing to the existence of this disease. Peyronie's has causes that are not totally understood at this point. Diabetes, high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries may play a role, as well as genetics.

Penile curvature surgery works for some men

There are surgical treatments, but they may not be the best choice. Also, there is generally a waiting period before surgery. About 20 percent of men see some improvement over the course of a year or two, while about 40 percent worsen, and 40 percent see no change. Some have viewed surgery as a drastic measure. The Nesbit procedure involves removing tissue and can result in a shortened penis, another surgical procedure to graft in tissue can lead to partial or total penile erectile dysfunction.

Alternatives to penile curvature surgery

There are alternatives. Traction of the penis is a solution to penis curvature. This involves stretching the scar tissue gently, but consistently, over a period of about six months. The idea is to get the tissue to the point that expansion in other regions of the penis is not limited by the scar tissue. So far there’s proof of it being an effective treatment. And, it is a viable option while in the waiting period.

Many penile extenders are used in Europe and the US by hospitals and clinics. There is good documentation of the effectiveness of this device. Traction has been used for post-surgery to make sure healing occurs properly. It has been found that this traction treatment in and of itself, or combined with vitamin E therapy, has produced good results. The device can be worn under clothing while treatment continues on, and even on the job if that job is not too stressful. This can be a low cost alternative to surgical treatment and it has clear benefits. It could treat the problem on an outpatient basis as well as at home. It could allow the patient to avoid the risks of highly invasive surgery.

Additionally, many men are coupling the Peyronie's traction treatment with vitamin E. The use of vitamin E was first studied, back in the 1940s and the 1950s, for the effect it had on this condition. And, today it is still being studied. Another natural supplement being used to treat Peyronie's is potaba. Potaba, or potassium aminobenzoate, has shown to be quite effective. This supplement can take up to six months to show results. The treatment involves taking 24 pills each day for the course, which can prove to be expensive. There are other medication and supplements to try which require prescriptions. Consult with your physician about your options before you begin any treatments.