Masculinity And Manhood

Masculinity and manhood comprise culturally of the traits assigned to the male in various contexts

Manhood is sometimes used as a synonym for masculinity.

Manhood is the period in a male's life when he has left behind the innocence of childhood. Throughout history, especially in the ancient cultures, boys would undergo many different, sometimes dangerous, ceremonies or sacrifices in order to be recognized as adult in their own right.

Masculinity is about the size of your penis, and we understand you could feel insecure if you realize that your penis is somehow too small. This is also why we propose you suggestions that will keep it fit and in good shape.

Life is not always easy in our civilization where masculinity plays a so great role in our daily life and it is not surprising that so many men are preoccupied and very concerned by the size of their penis. Men with undersized penises can feel rejected and ostracized; they can feel they are object of mockery. Both by men and women.

Nowadays, people tend to value tangible facts. And facts are things you can measure : the length of your penis, or the girth are criterions that people will give value to. This is why women will find men with large penises more sexually attractive. And we, men, we do the same when we compare two women…we prefer the girl with the bigger breasts.

Do you sometimes feel inferior to other men ? Do you think your penis is too small ?

A penis is a symbol of power and dominance. This is why the larger is always the better.

Would you like to stay with a small or average penis ? It is the same question as : would you decline to have a higher status and more power ?

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