Exercises To Delay Premature Ejaculation

Do you suffer from premature ejaculation ? You're not alone and we know how to help.

Sexual satisfaction is probably one of the most sought pleasure and for some, makes or breaks relationships and lives. Sexual satisfaction relies on two pillars : the body and the mind. And it depends on the good functioning of both to deliver satisfaction. But what does happen when the body or the mind are unable to perform as they should ? Your sexual satisfaction comes under threat and finding a solution is not always easy as we ‘ll see.

Take premature ejaculation : it is one of the most common sexual disorder in men. Kinsley in his many studies found that premature ejaculation is one of the biggest problems in the couple and for men : 75% of men ejaculate within the first two minutes of the sexual intercourse, and around 30% of men cannot control their ejaculation when they have sex.

Premature ejaculation is a plague that ruins the sexual pleasure for men and women and puts in danger the relation.

We know how frustrating premature ejaculation can be. But there are solutions.

Premature ejaculation is mainly a problem concerning the young men, lacking of self control and experience. But this is not their fault. It is normal to keep control during the first sexual encounters and time usually helps. But for some severe cases, premature ejaculation is a continuing problem, undermining confidence and self esteem in men. At a later stage, premature ejaculation could lead to depression.

Inexperience is one of the critical factor in premature ejaculation. But a weak PC muscle is the second cause of premature ejaculation. Only time and sex will give you more experience, but muscles located in the pelvic area can be trained as any other muscle in the body to stop acting on their own.

The PC muscle stands for the pubococcygeus muscle. This muscle acts as floor to the entire pelvic area of the body, supporting from underneath the weight of organs. It also controls orgasm and prolonged exercising helps men achieve orgasm without ejaculating.

If you can control and train your pc muscle, you’ll prevent and treat premature ejaculation, so that you will be the master of your orgasms and sexuality. Penis exercises, like kegels or those coming from a program like PenisHealth will help you gain control over premature ejaculation.

Keep confidence, be focused on the exercises, train everyday until you master your pc muscle and day after day, you ‘ll become stronger enough to control your ejaculation. It is said that men mastering this art can achieve orgasm without ejaculating and become multi orgasmic.