Advices And Aliments To Keep Your Penis Healthy

How can you keep your penis healthy ? What should you eat and what should you avoid ?

After 30, the natural level of testosterone in blood, the famous male hormone, gradually decreases and continue to do so at the continuous rate of 1% per year.

However, since testosterone is the only male hormone able to keep alive your sex drive and your stamina, you understand how critical it is for you to keep your penis in good shape to enjoy day after day great erections and complete sexual satisfaction.

Simply put, let say that a healthy penis means a healthy sex life.

Lowering levels of testosterone are seen by men suffering from :

* Decreased sexual drive and abilities.
* Hair loss.
* Depression, stress and fatigue.
* Sweating and flushing.
* Sleeping disorders.
* Irritability.
* Increased fat.
* Aches and pains.

Now, it is easy to understand why smart guys try to keep their body and especially their penis healthy and in good shape. So, please do your penis a favor by considering the following advices :

Try to stick to a well balanced diet.

Also take specific care of your arteries because a continuous quality blood flow will ensure normal erectile function. Try to eat more fibers, decrease the intake of saturated fats so that you can prevent and reduce fat deposits that will narrow and clog your arteries. Also stay away from sugar, fried potatoes, junk food and too much animal fats.

Smoke less, better quit smoking. Did you know that smoking has vasoconstrictor effect on your blood vessels ? And that it was responsible for the plaques in arteries that hinder the supply of blood to the penis ? Smoking usually leads to impotence and penis shrinking at a later stage.

Avoid alcohol and dangerous drugs. They simply will make you impotent at long or mid term. Besides this, they have very negative effects on your health.

Three times a week, during 30 minutes go for some physical exercises. Should it be swimming, running, cycling… This is good for your overall health.

Take some nutritional complements.

To keep a healthy penis, we recommend vitamins A, B, C, E, and chromium. Also take zinc and l-arginine, because they are responsible for the production of semen. Other herbs, like wild yam, saw palmetto, gotu kola etc…are well known for centuries in traditional Asiatic medicine to help men suffering from impotence or weaker erections.

Keep your penis exercised !

Maintain your penis and your prostate healthy by having regular erections and ejaculations. Thanks to specific exercises, proposed by programs like PenisHealth or SizeGenetics, you will keep your penis stimulated and enlarge it both in length and girth. If you combine this with sperm volumizers like volumepills, you’ll quickly enjoy a better sex life and keep a healthy penis.

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